Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Bartending At Vessel

Next week will be my first guest bartending adventure. I will be working at Vessel with Jim Rondal and Keith Waldbauer. I'll be using primarily Pernod Ricard products in the hopes to get a regular "Bartender Exchange Program" going between WSBG and the OBG. Below is the cocktail list I plan to take with me.

Fortress of Solitude
Redbreast 12 yr,
Aperol, Cold Pressed Stumptown Coffee, Santini,

Aberlour, Pineau de Charentes, Smoked Syrup, Gammel Dansk, Elderberry Tincture

Carpano Antica, Campari, lime, ginger beer

Plymouth Gin, Rye, Punt E Mes, Martel

Biltmore Iced Tea
Pisco, Lillet Rouge, Benedictine, Black Tea, Cynar, Pickled Lemon Cukes

AKA Burro
Tesoro Reposado, Amaro Ramazzotti, Carpano, Arrack, ginger beer

Ransom Old Tom,
Dolin Blanc, St Germain, Celery Bitters

Unnecessary Noise
Makers Mark,
Aperol, Dolin Blanc, Pernod Absinthe

In addition to getting to work behind a great bar with a some great peeps, I get to attend a lunch with Bill Samuels of Maker's Mark at Zig Zag. I look forward to my trip north because of the relationship I've started to build with my fellow craftsmen up there. Having these relationships and a community of like-minded individuals is priceless... not to mention we're gonna have a blast!

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